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Moving into 2024 - SPEARTEN COFFEE

Happy New Year! (LONG CAPTION if you like reading) 2023 was an interesting year for SPEARTEN COFFEE. We worked hard to see what it can become and what truly sets us apart.

This year was full of so many mistakes, most of which I wish we didn’t make but in retrospect they were probably necessary for becoming better.

If anything, we truly found our niche and are going to build upon it. It’s not easy, as the business is a one man team right now with some help from family and my wonderful girlfriend. But over 2024, we seek to make it truly a unique experience for customers.

SPEARTEN was originally created because I felt that there was a gap in customer experience with coffee. Could we take a coffee bag and make it into something fun? How would the coffee itself be different than any other? These are questions we had to ask to get started.

I was really getting more into health and fitness, and I was always a fan of medieval fantasy and sci-fi, as well as mixing them in weird and fun ways. The concept was to create a coffee for this niche crowd, which we simply named: “Coffee Warriors”.

Since focusing on unique warriors, our sales have increased tenfold, and people get to have a sense of alignment, like “I get to be this Warrior today!” Or “He’s literally me” (insert drive reference).

Doing this helps us create a theme, and the coffee flavors themselves drive that theme. We like to make our entire bags fully decorated like nothing ever seen, but that’s pricey. Unfortunately, we’ve had to simmer down how we get those new warriors out. We have several planned already as well as two new ones completed and waiting to be made but simply had to slow down for financial reasons.

Getting just one new flavor out is very costly, so we are going to do something interesting with SPEARTEN. We are creating a unique blend! Trying to get it out this month, before the 20th! Stick around to check it out! And we’re still waiting to do the Crusader which was announced months ago and can’t come out yet.

We can’t wait to show everyone all we’re doing this year, from coffee, cold brew, and apparel, we’re looking to build a coffee Warrior community!
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