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Can Coffee Fix ADHD? Let's Find Out

ADHD is a massive issue plaguing Americans everywhere, with many resorting to taking expensive pharmaceutical options to alleviate their issues. However, there may be a new avenue to help, and that starts with SPEARTEN COFFEE.

Note About Caffeine Stimulation:

Important to realize for this hypothesis is that coffee on its own may cause some individuals to have more anxiety, which is typically noted in highly caffeinated brews of the bean.

However, when caffeine is mixed in a proper ratio with the right supplements, it can work in conjunction with them to improve focus and can remove crashes & headaches.

Reviewing Recent Studies:


One study published in The National Library of Medicine suggests that the combination of L-Theanine and Caffeine improved focus and could be used as a therapeutic solution for helping with ADHD. This study was conducted with younger children, but adults have been studied and observed with similar affects in improving focus, such as this study mentioned in our last blog.

With these two studies in mind, we can conclude that the combination of L-Theanine and Coffee both play a significant role in improving focus, and can also extend the distribution cycle of caffeine into the system for lasting energy.

Additionally, L-Theanine is a relaxant, and could also help to relieve the anxiety associated with caffeine consumption noted in some individuals.


The substance known as Glycine assists the body's metabolic processes by helping us absorb nutrients and promote better metabolic health. It is found in many whole foods and also helps us metabolize creatine. But what if it is supplemented and added to coffee?

Glycine in coffee is an interesting subject because coffee on its own promotes quick and efficient energy, but glycine helps take this further by improving memory/cognition while improving blood flow regulation. Caffeine may cause some blood flow to be reliant on caffeine for regulation when consumed in heavy amounts. Supplementing Glycine can help mitigate this reliance to help improve positive blood flow and prevent us from becoming too reliant on caffeine for our internal systems. Glycine and Caffeine together help encourage a healthy blood flow, which is also assisted by the addition of Taurine in SPEARTEN COFFEE.

Now How About ADHD?

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SPEARTEN does things a little different than regular coffee...

If you simply have caffeine and no other stimulants, the negatives of ADHD can still be persistent. However, supplementing caffeine with L-Theanine & Glycine can help improve focus and reduce the need for extra stimulants.

Taking these 3 ingredients usually would mean having to try multiple sources and several whole foods, but luckily, SPEARTEN COFFEE gives you the benefits of all!

SPEARTEN Coffee is infused with a combination of 8 different vitamins and supplements:

  • Maca Root
  • Taurine
  • Glycine
  • L-Theanine
  • Zinc
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D3

These ingredients are mixed and combined with our coffee grounds in what we call the "Energy Formula". These ingredients work together to improve energy, clarity, and come in a variety of SPEARTEN COFFEE flavors.

All 8 supplements included in the energy formula can help you to excel through your daily obstacles, making you ready to SPEAR THROUGH your day!

Come try out SPEARTEN, maybe ditch the pills for a day and give our coffee a shot!



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